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We begin the annual tradition by pulling the boxes down from the attic. The family room furniture is then rearranged to make room. Maybe we will put the tree someplace different this year. Or maybe we will put it where we always have, by the big front window. Maybe we’ll decide it is time to start a new tradition and buy an artificial tree.


We continue the preparations, nudging together knick knacks and family photos on the tables and bookshelves to make room for the holiday decorations, new and old, collected over the years. Traditions are the heart’s way of staying in touch with ourselves in this fast moving world. They remind us that as much as things change, they stay the same.

And yet the changes keep coming. This year we will feel the heartfelt absence of another loved one who is no longer with us. They are still here, however, in our hearts and minds – and now, with the addition of their Urnament, also in our holiday room to continue celebrating the tradition that they too once held so dear. Urnaments.

Let a new tradition begin to take its cherished place alongside the old.

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